Under the Tree

The sun is shining brightly. As he glances up, the horizon swims unsteadily in the distant heat. Looking down again, the ground beneath his feet is dry and dusty, and the grass grows sparesly in clumps here and there. The little there was of it has now been worn away by the door to the tent. He lifts his head – three men are approaching, and one looks familiar…

It’s him! He’s come to visit! On his feet, running as fast as he can to meet the travellers, he throws himself down to the earth as he reaches them. Not sure of what the visit is about, and always a little uncertain of how these meetings are going to go, he offers what welcome he can – some water, perhaps? A little refreshment? How can he persuade them to linger for a while? It’s alright – they’ll stay.

They’ll stay!?

Quick! Flour! Cakes! Calf, curds and milk!

He stands by, watching as they sit beneath the shade of the oak tree.

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1 Response to Under the Tree

  1. ellidhcook says:

    I love this! Not pretentious at all, my sweet – just fab.
    It gave me shivers as he ran to them. Wonderful.

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