Tender hearts, empty hands

‘The heart is a tender thing, so let us be watchful to keep it from harm. A wounded conscience makes way for more wounds, and there is no stopping a hardened conscience from running into sin with greediness.’
Richard Sibbes, updated into modern English by Dave Bish, in The Sunshine of the Gospel

I’ve been trying to write a post that isn’t full of Sibbesisms… if that’s even a word! but the language he uses just so beautifully describes what I feel that I can’t help it. I’ve spent a week away with work, and it’s felt like rain in a desert. The quote above I have found to be startlingly true – I’m so quick to be careless with my heart, imagining that it won’t be damaged or affected by sin, and then when it is, simply putting it in greater danger by resisting the Lord rather than running to him like a child to a loving father. But how good is God, that he so loves broken people like me that he sends words to mend my bruised heart! Though I am inclined to be stubborn and independent, not admitting my need and weakness, he knows it all and still wants to come near to me and bring comfort. That’s the message that has run like a vein through the past week, and I’ve realised again just how helpless I am- far from doing myself good, and being able to cope on my own, when I stop depending on the Lord and neglect to trust him, I just get tangled up in mistakes and deceit and sin. But do you know what the really good news is? He doesn’t just leave me there! He seeks me out, speaks words of grace and love to me – to any who will come to him! I’m learning that this is what it is to have my heart warmed, and it’s so good! Jesus is so good!

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3 Responses to Tender hearts, empty hands

  1. Sibbesisms sounds good to me. And influenced by him I think we might be Sibbesians.

  2. Emily says:

    Thanks so much for putting the book together and making it available – it’s a joy to read and that bit easier in modern language. Happy to be a Sibbesian!

  3. Sarah says:

    Welcome back Em 🙂 And awesome truths in that post x

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