Encounters with the Divine


Isn’t it funny how we expect to find traces of ‘supernatural’ or something spiritual in ‘holy places’? That’s why people make pilgrimages, set up memorials or shrines- to capture the presence or feeling of a supernatural encounter.
And I don’t think Christians are immune to this- I was reading Nehemiah 9-11 and wondering what it would be like to to back to the spot where the angel of the LORD appeared to Moses or when Jacob wrestled with God… if I looked around would I find traces of those encounters? Would there be a sense of tingling in the air where Uncreated had broken in to the world…?

But isn’t that a bit silly of me?! Not because the mark of the Creator wouldn’t be left… but because it already has, in everything that God has created by his Word! We should look around at us and marvel that this world bears traces of its Maker at every turn… but we’re too blind to see it…
At heart I don’t easily believe that this really is the Lord’s world. I don’t look out on this beautiful, crisp, cold morning and think of how the warmth-giving sun melts away the frost that encased each blade of grass, transforming it from its brittle, fragile state to one where it can flourish and grow, and see the traces of the work of my Saviour displayed for all to see. How much do we miss out on, chasing after our own ideas of spirituality & the divine and ignoring the majestic display of Jesus that the universe would draw our attention to?

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