Good days

Here are some things I’ve been really enjoying today – thought I’d share them because the more I think about writing a post, the more things I think of! Wow, Monday has been a great day!

1. Sunshine!
2. Gardening and ландыш – I made the most of the sunshine and planted my newly-acquired convallaria majalis (Lily of the Valley) in a shady spot in the garden, with the hope that it won’t be beaten by slugs and will flower and make the garden smell beautiful! It may be a few years yet before I can manage anything like the picture opposite, which was taken in Belarus where old ladies used to sell the plant at the market…
3. Memories of treasured meetings and how privileged I am to be surrounded by so many wonderful people – this isn’t something to take for granted.
4. A really honest, unqualified email to a friend, not worrying about how it’ll be taken, what might be misunderstood or what they’ll think of me, but thankful for the joy of sharing life.
5. Pondering some Russian forms and even enjoying scribbling down some notes in Russian! Not done that for too long!
6.  This one should have been first, chronologically, but trying out my new cafetière – works a treat. Two coffees today!
7. On the food and drink theme, jam sandwich creams… possibly the perfect biscuit?!
8. Browsing through some new photographs from my latest Norfolk ramble.
9. Listening to some older, wiser Christians chatting about life with Jesus beyond youth – I want to be doing Bible studies with new believers when I’m in my retirement!
10. Rediscovering some good music – Ryan Adams and Griffin House have been entertaining me all afternoon.
11. My tomato seeds have germinated, and I was worried about my peppers but apparently they take a few days longer, so no need to panic just yet!
12. Psalm 103 – why bless the Lord? Check it out!
13. Time to sit and read – particularly when I have The Fellowship of the Ring to work my way through; a beautiful red, fabric-bound edition from the 1950s with pull-out map… how books are meant to be!

What have you been enjoying lately?

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