A New Name

To be perfectly honest, it’s not often I look forward to reading a Christian book. But this one, A New Name: Grace and Healing for Anorexia by Emma Scrivener, is an exception.

Surprised? Well, if you’ve read anything from Emma’s blog then you won’t be that surprised. Emma regularly writes posts with humour, insight and an openness that is challenging and rare.

Her new book follows suit – which is probably why everyone I’ve spoken to who has snapped it up and read it has expressed how much they enjoyed and benefitted from reading it.

A New Name begins with a startling introduction to the painful, desperate reality of living with an eating disorder, and as the book goes on, Emma sets out her intentions of sharing her story – as someone who has come to see herself as both sick and a sinner, and also to tell the story of how Jesus has worked in her life, as the Doctor who came to love the unwell.

That’s why everyone should read this book. I hope that those who find themselves in the midst of a struggle with anorexia will be comforted to know that they are not alone, and can, like Emma, come to find rest in Jesus’ love. But not everyone will suffer with an eating disorder. Not everyone will encounter the same struggles, questions and doubts that Emma shares with her disarming, raw honesty. So why read A New Name? Because we are all sick, and we are all sinners. And Jesus is the one who has come, like light into a dark, cold place, to bring life and freedom by giving us Himself. Reading A New Name will remind you of that and, through Emma’s story, help you appreciate again how kind our God is. That is why I loved reading this book – for much the same reasons as I love Emma’s blog. It’s so wonderfully refreshing to read a book that honestly and humbly confronts the blackness of the human heart, not with the strength of super-human effort, or a cold, detached, intellectual analysis, but from a place of simple trust in Jesus, and an assurance of his love and determination to bind up the broken.

You can buy a copy of A New Name through the IVP website.

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4 Responses to A New Name

  1. Emily says:

    Just telling it like it is 😀

  2. alexxrae says:

    Thanks for the info – I’m gonna check this out for sure! She’s positive and inspiring in a community that is often hopeless..


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