I love Christian Unions!

University was such a significant time of life for me. It’s no exaggeration to say that the three years I spent studying at Warwick University shaped and moulded me as a person, particularly what I thought being a follower of Jesus meant, more than any others had done up to that point. The Christian Union played a vital part in this – I met a group of people who so loved Jesus that, though they had their differences (computer scientists hanging out with literature students…!?), they still cared for one another and modelled real friendship. Together, we learned to treasure God’s Word more and more, and began to understand that evangelism isn’t the painful duty of every Christian, but a natural out-working of knowing Jesus better, and having friends who don’t yet know how good He is! It was with the help of the Christian Union (through chats with friends, Bible studies, our staff worker, Relay worker and wonderful conferences) that I saw the need to have good answers to my non-Christian friends’ questions, and grew confident that, when put under scrutiny, the gospel stands up to the test. In short, I love, love, LOVE CUs!

There’s more that I could say – but why am I saying this at all? To encourage you to consider becoming a CU Friend! Whether you were in a CU yourself, have kids who are going off to university, are involved in a church in a university city, know other young people who are about to start their first year – why not stay in touch with the work of a CU or specific region, pray with them, hear exciting stories of what God is doing and be encouraged by how He is at work? Watch this video for more information:

You can find out more here.

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