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And whilst I’m sharing…

Here are some things I’ve been appreciating of late that I will share for your enjoyment, pondering and amusement! The Difference Jesus Makes – fill your mp3 player of choice with these talks. (Find part 2, part 3 and part … Continue reading

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Being Seen for Who We Are

What do I want to say? I keep re-starting this post over and over again because I feel like I’ve got to come up with some sort of catchy, all-encompassing introduction, followed by some slick, clever writing that impresses people … Continue reading

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Text a Toastie

Tonight I had fun with Anglia Ruskin CU as they ran an outreach event known as ‘Text a Toastie’. For those of you unfamiliar with the phone&food brand of evangelism, this basically amounts to asking people to text in a … Continue reading

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Planting Trees

In the mating of trees, the pollen grain entering invisible the domed room of the winds, survives the ghost of the old forest that was here when we came. The ground invites it, and it will not be gone. I … Continue reading

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