Planting Trees

In the mating of trees,
the pollen grain entering invisible
the domed room of the winds, survives
the ghost of the old forest
that was here when we came. The ground
invites it, and it will not be gone.
I become the familiar of that ghost
and its ally, carrying in a bucket
twenty trees smaller than weeds,
and I plant them along the way
of the departure of the ancient host.
I return to the ground its original music.
It will rise out of the horizon
of the grass, and over the heads
of weeds, and it will rise over
the horizon of men’s heads. As I age
in the world it will rise and spread,
and be for this place horizon
and orison, the voice of its winds.
I have made myself a dream to dream
of its rising, that has gentled my nights.
Let me desire and wish well the life
these trees may live when I
no longer rise in the mornings
to be pleased by the green of them
shining, and their shadows on the ground,
and the sound of the wind in them.

Wendall Berry – Planting Trees, taken from The Country of Marriage.

With autumn well and truly here. I find myself desperately wanting to be outside, wandering through fields and woods enjoying it! But it’s got me thinking about trees again – the whole reason I called this blog ‘Under the Tree’ was to give me somewhere to think out loud! The poem caught my attention because it beautifully captures the ‘movement’ of trees – I’m aware that probably sounds odd! Here’s what I’m getting at…

(This isn’t my idea, but it makes sense to me) As a seed is put in the ground and dies, new life comes from that and is more fruitful. Psalm 126 talks about those who go out weeping bearing seed for the sowing come back with a harvest and joy. There are all sorts of links between seeds being sown and life being the result – for those who eat the fruit of trees, or crops, for example.

I know that’s more about seeds than trees, but I’m pretty sure it’s linking up somehow… more to ponder, anyway.

*Just been pointed to Psalm 104 too for the sermon of creation…  Mind-blowing!

What do you think?

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