Text a Toastie


Tonight I had fun with Anglia Ruskin CU as they ran an outreach event known as ‘Text a Toastie’. For those of you unfamiliar with the phone&food brand of evangelism, this basically amounts to asking people to text in a question they have about Christianity, along with an order for a toastie with a filling of their choice, and the CU deliver the toastie along with the beginnings of an answer to the question.

The event is exciting and works well because, generally, you’re speaking to people who are interested and its not too difficult to get into a good conversation. What I also learned tonight, though, is how surprising people’s questions can be. Here’s one that got us really thinking: (its worth noting that it followed a prior question- who came up with the idea of heaven & hell?)

Would Robin Hood be let into heaven?

Isn’t that an interesting question?! I guess your first reaction might be dismissive- surely they’re just being flippant? The more we thought about it whilst waiting for the nutella toastie to crisp up, the more we could see where the questioner was coming from. Is being immoral (even for ‘good’ reasons) enough to rule you out of God’s good books? Or is it more important to work for the greater good, even if its costly to others? What does God want from people?

We sent off the toastie with an answer, and we’re praying its not the last time we get to talk to them – but have you got friends who might ask similar questions? How would you answer them?

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