And whilst I’m sharing…

Here are some things I’ve been appreciating of late that I will share for your enjoyment, pondering and amusement!


In coffee. Memories. Belarus. Friends.

The Difference Jesus Makes – fill your mp3 player of choice with these talks. (Find part 2, part 3 and part 4 here.) No, I don’t mean ‘If you like…’ I mean – DO IT NOW! After hearing Mike Reeves give these talks at New Word Alive last year, I’ve been plugging these talks left, right and centre, because in them you’ll hear Jesus proclaimed to you as more beautiful and kind than you can imagine. Be warned – as you listen, the danger is you’ll become forever dissatisfied with anything less.

A Question – Ron Frost writes an excellent blog with regular, mind-blowing, heart-warming posts that are also shared over at the Cor Deo Blog. I heartily recommend this latest entry on the question of who’s ruling the world that takes a surprising and happy turn…

Paulo Goldstein & Soapbox Press – Check out this interesting and thoughtful design project by designer Paulo Goldstein – Repair is Beautiful. I like the notion of dealing with the frustration of encountering broken things by resolving to repair them, and the intriguing way that he does this.

Do you know the Man in Seat 61? – Thanks to Angela for directing me to this amazing site… I might have wasted a few hours trying to figure out how to get half way around the world without getting on a plane… But it’s also helping me plan a trip to Prague!

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