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All that we have…

After the long post from last week, here’s something more succinct – and as such, you’ll no doubt guess, it doesn’t come from me! All the several graces and comforts we have, and the several promises whereby they are made … Continue reading

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I meant to post this last week, but… holidays – everything happens slowly! Let’s play a word association game. I’m going to write a word, and I want you to say (out loud) the first word that comes to mind… … Continue reading

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Questions for you!

*Updated 11th December 2012* Some questions I’ve been considering, and might eventually get round to writing about as individual blog posts… Please share your thoughts and ideas – I’m in the mood for some discussion! What’s the difference between gratitude … Continue reading

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7 Billion

I can’t get my head around anything in particular to write just now, but here’s an interesting video – more thoughts to follow soon!

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