Bon Iver

I’ve made a delightful discovery! Thinking Bon Iver could get no better, I happened to stumble across this B-side on Youtube, and used up nearly all my listens on Spotify having it on repeat. It’s mournful, wistful and heart-wrenchingly good – listen and enjoy!Oh, and here’s what the folk over at the Guardian said:

Written by Mike Reid and Allen Shamblin and originally recorded by Bonnie Rait in 1991, I Can’t Make You Love Me has since been covered by the likes of George Michael and Peter Andre, becoming a staple of heartbreak anthem compilations. The idea for the song came to Reid after he read an article about a man who drunkenly shot at his girlfriend’s car and when asked in court if he’d learned anything, replied: “I learned, your honour, that you can’t make a woman love you if she don’t.” It’s hardly surprising that Bon Iver has managed to inject a song saturated in helpless desperation with even more sadness, his creaking falsetto supported by lonesome piano chords. In the last minute the song bleeds into a version of Rait’s Nick of Time, offering up some semblance of hope as he croons, “I found love darling, love in the nick of time.”

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