Not A Morning Person 3

This is a continuation of yesterday’s post…

And if there was such a person, would you want to be IMG_8358around them? Obviously, it could seem great to live with someone who’s very life is given over to waiting on you hand and foot… but when it came down to it, I think I’d find it unnerving. Not some much for their sakes – I mean, if they genuinely find their joy and happiness in living for others, they’d be permanently joyful, wouldn’t they? But it’d be unnerving for me. To always be on the receiving end of someone else’s kindness – how would you feel? Indebted? Uncomfortable? Like you had this never-ending list of IOUs stacking up against you? Even if they never, ever got cashed in, that’s still pretty awful…

Unless they weren’t just a random servant you kept round the house. Unless their very motivation and their joy in living for you, for me, wasn’t just self-gratification and joy that keeps you needy and yet at arms-length, but was so that you, that I, would be invited to know and love in return? What if the only thing that that better kind of person was lacking, the only thing that kept their joy in living for others in being complete, was knowing that their self-giving brought you joy? That it could bring me joy? Now wouldn’t that be something?

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