Come See the Morning

I’ve been holding off sharing this because the video footage isn’t amazing, but having listened to it again a lot this weekend, and after having recommended it to a friend, I’ve decided I can’t wait- it must be shared with the world!

The song is called ‘Come See the Morning’ by Nathan Tasker. For those who were at New Word Alive this year, you may remember the morning Bible reading performance of it. I was stewarding when I first heard it, and, to be honest, stewarding doesn’t bring out the best in anyone. I found myself disproportionately upset by the fact that someone chose not to sit where I asked them to, or that they shoved past me without an apology. Not a pleasant experience in itself, but even worse was the way I responded. Anger welled up, and, at moments, tears too. Each refusal, each excuse or complaint was a personal injury (hence the tears), or an assault on my authority and responsibility as ‘A Steward,’ (I mean, did the yellow vests mean nothing to these people?!) that stopped me doing my job well, and made me look foolish or useless in front of others. It was all a bit humiliating, all a bit degrading, all a bit … revealing. Despite the fact that the job was meant to be all about serving others, I was willing to do that only in so far as it suited me. So it wasn’t really about serving anyone else at all, was it?

Into this darkness of heart, at a moment when I was least expecting it, I heard Nate’s song. It beautifully captures our God’s heart for the undeserving sinner. His heart for others. That morning there was no pretending I was ‘OK’, no kidding myself that I didn’t need mercy, or forgiveness. Confronted with my hideous self-interest, I might have expected the Lord to prompt me to try harder, be less inward-looking… But instead there was just a wonderful reminder of the length and depth of the Father’s love – held up in the skies for all to see: Jesus, in our place, for our sin, displaying the vastness of his Father’s love.

You can find Nathan’s music here, including this song, which features on his album ‘Prone to Wander’.

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