Revisiting My Questions

LavenderThey’ve not been forgotten. They’ve not been answered yet. My questions are still there – being refined and mulled over, informed by more reading and interesting conversations!

One thing that I’ve been noticing, and this may seem glaringly obvious, is that if we’re serious about God being Trinity, we must expect to see the Son in the Old Testament.
(I’m working on the assumption that who God is and how he makes himself known are inextricably related, i.e. the Father sends his Spirit-anointed Son.)

If not, if we say, for example, that Old Testament believers didn’t have any concept of God as Father, Son and Spirit, but rather were only able to have a basic grasp of God as a powerful being who graciously interacted with the world, then that must have a knock-on effect upon our whole doctrine of revelation. Jesus isn’t the only way we can know God. He might be the best, the last and most superior kind of revelation, but he’s not absolutely essential. We’re left saying that there’s something more foundational to who God is than Father, Son and Spirit… that there’s a set of fundamentals people can know about God before they meet the three Persons of the Trinity, before they meet the Father in the Son by the power of the Spirit.

Which helps refine/alter some of my questions-I think
they’re not so much about the means of revelation, as what we think the starting point is – Jesus or something else… and how that impacts everything else. Still more to ponder! Tell me what you think…

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