I celebrated the Bank Holiday this past weekend with some time at home with my parents, some great food, a lovely bike ride, sitting in the garden, and finished it all off with a BBQ with my housemates.

This has made it into a blog post because it just all sits together so neatly… do you ever have times like that, where all sorts of different strands of life draw together? I was sitting downstairs earlier this evening with my church small group, thinking back on some stuff from Ephesians we’ve been working through on Sunday mornings, and last Sunday the talk was about BBQs… Hang on in there – this might make sense yet!

The whole thing about BBQs was about community, about church, and real life, and being around other people who love Jesus. We need it. Really need it. Paul writes about the different gifts God has given that the church might be equipped – listen to the talk for the full picture- it really is quite wonderful! (It’s the one called ‘Living Free’.) But in a nutshell, like the heat of a BBQ spreads from coal to coal, not by the initial whooosh of flame, but by the steady, side-by-side growing warmth, we’re made to be a people who encourage one another like that. I love this! I love that I’m not alone, that I’m not meant to be – that God has placed my family, housemates, my wonderful church, small group, friends in my life with this glorious hope in mind. That we will grow together into Christ.

Next time you’re munching on a burger, ponder that one!

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