Christ is Enough

At church this morning we sang a song together called ‘Christ is Enough’. It’s one I’d come across at Forum this summer, and I really like it! So I’m sharing it here in the hope that it’ll be a blessing to you too.

But let me just add a thought that occurred to me this morning…
As I read the words appearing on the screen, and I took a moment to be honest with myself, I had to admit – I don’t often feel like Christ is enough. Functionally, I more often live as though Jesus were one of the less important things in my life, coming in on my list at about no.34, right behind ‘Getting organised’, ‘doing more exercise’, ‘being a better friend’, and a whole host of other stuff that feels really important to me at any given moment. So words like ‘Christ is my reward, and all of my devotion’ or ‘Through every trial my soul will sing’ surely must sound like sheer hypocrisy on my lips, right? If I don’t even function in the ‘day-to-day’ times as though Jesus were my all-in-all, how can I declare that I will when I’m suffering, struggling, living through tough times? I’d love that to be true of me, but it is not. And will never be.

Why do we sing songs like this? How can we sing songs like this? There’s a lot that could be said on this, but I’m just going to run with two things … Christ is enough, and one another!

Christ is enough – my point is simply that. He really is enough – even enough when I am not living as if that were true. Even when I’m not seeing how that could be possible, when I’m doubting and distrustful – Jesus doesn’t hold that against me – he’s good enough to take my doubt, my mistrust and my fear. I don’t have to be strong enough, good enough, trusting enough, to say with utter joy and freedom that ‘Christ is enough’ – that’s the point! He’s my only hope! In fact, it’s the very truth that he is enough, that, as it sinks in, as I’m reminded of that, enables me to utter those words… not to the credit of my unshakebale faith (because that’s evidently NOT what faith is all about!) but because he gives, he keeps showing me he is good!

And that’s where ‘one another’ kicks in too – these two things are almost inseparable! Why do we sing together? Why should we sing songs like this? Because even when we cannot utter those words, when we feel that Jesus is so far from being enough that we’re scared to admit it, the Lord is kind enough to place us in a group of people who will declare this truth to us, for us, with us, to sing it out loud and repeat it and tell it to us over and over again – that even when we’re not mindful of it, he is enough. We need one another! And singing together is a wonderful expression of what church is about!  We preach to one another what our God is like – He doesn’t demand that we put him at the top of our list, he doesn’t add burdens to our already-overladen shoulders. He says to us – I’m here to take the load. This is what I’m like – I am able. And more than that, I’m glad to help. And I’ll even surround you with raised voices and instruments that will capture your attention so that you’ll just know – Jesus is enough.


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1 Response to Christ is Enough

  1. Lisa says:

    Your true he doesn’t demand, law did that. Jesus paid with his blood and life that price and left full supply, grace! Yet he is jealous for you to lay down any other thing(idol, anything you put first before Him)and Isaiah 66:2;he wants you to know his face and love through his word, and he seeks worshippers who will worship Him in spirit and in truth.(john 4:23-24)and your right he is a gentlemen and doesn’t force you, he wants all though not part. Trust me I know I gave part for 17 years and settled for the lie that salvation was enough! Salvation is only the beginning of the end so you can begin, finally to be alive from the fullness of the life Jesus Christ died and left you to live now, not later. We had no life to give Him, we were dead in sin. So make sure your not missing the most extravagant unconditional unfathomable love ever given, now living in you!

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