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Perspective, Wisdom and Words

I read an article this week entitled ‘What if you’re 20s weren’t what you expected?’ It raises several interesting and persuasive points, but I’m choosing just to share one. Into the context of finding that life doesn’t work out the … Continue reading

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Older, Not Wiser

Cast your minds back to high school, when everything in your immediate sphere of existence mattered more than anything else in the whole world. Ever. And no-one else understood this. (Ok, so I stereotype!) My teenage years were shaped by … Continue reading

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adjective \tō-ˈti-pə-tənt, ˌtō-tə-ˈpō-tənt\ The Merriam-Webster Online dictionary defines ‘totipotent’ as… : capable of developing into a complete organism or differentiating into any of its cells or tissues <totipotent stem cells> Latin totus whole, entire + English -i- + potent being … Continue reading

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You know when you move into a new place – new room, new flat, new house – it takes a while to feel at home? Over the course of your first month or so there, you slowly spread your stuff out … Continue reading

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Three Things

1. This is a nice picture I took of someone else’s dog. I just like it, so thought I’d share. 2. This is a real flower. Can you believe it?! I promise, it grew like that all by itself! If … Continue reading

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