You know when you move into a new place – new room, new flat, new house – it takes a while to feel at home? Over the course of your first month or so there, you slowly spread your stuff out across the available space in a way that is no longer deliberately ‘finding a home for this’ but just ‘putting it back where it belongs’. The patterns of life become instinctive, no longer learning or learned, but natural… automatically stepping over the squeaky floorboards on the landing when creeping around early on a Saturday morning, recognising the housemate approaching the front door from the distinctive jingle of their house keys, knowing that on a Monday night we need to eat early so Hannah can get to choir, and that when Julia does the shop there’ll always be a batch of Milka chocolate bars in one of the shopping bags!

Well, I think a job can be like that too. My job has been like that. And it’s wonderful! There are people you’ve got to know, places that you feel a part of and familiar with, where even though you’re not an insider, exactly, you’re still known, and belong. The routines (yes, even students have routines of sorts!) become rhythmic – and richer and more rewarding as a result. Things have their place, people have their place, I have my place with them.

For the past four years, I’ve worked for UCCF as a CU Staff Worker, and it’s felt like being at home. But just like the student population I’ve been working with, there comes a time when you have to move house- pack up, leave some things behind and settle somewhere new and different. This summer, I’ll be finishing my job and moving on to something else, and I thought it would be a good idea to have a sort out before I move on. I’ve accumulated all sorts of things in the course of being a staff worker – a collection of friendships, memories, experiences, lessons learned, mistakes made, places visited and thoughts formed. Over the next few months I’ll be mentally ‘packing up’ these things I’d like to take with me, and thought I’d share as I go. (My friend Cat over at Sunshine Lenses is doing a similar thing and she’s inspired me!) I’d love to hear your experiences of moving on, or things that you wish you’d done before the end of one job and the start of another – do comment on the posts and share the wisdom!

* Just in case my housemates read this and get the wrong idea… I’m not moving out! It’s just a job change – I’m not going anywhere!

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One Response to Transitions…

  1. Cat says:

    Wonderful! Looking forward to this!!! 🙂

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