Perspective, Wisdom and Words

I read an article this week entitled ‘What if you’re 20s weren’t what you expected?’ It raises several interesting and persuasive points, but I’m choosing just to share one. Into the context of finding that life doesn’t work out the way we expect or the way the world tells us, the author writes the following after conversations with several friends in their twenties:

“We’ve also talked about how we need to hear from the older generations, how they have faced hard things and fought for faith. We need their perspective, their wisdom, their words spoken into our lives. We want to hear more from our pastors and leaders about how they move though struggles. We wish the church were more honest, that we didn’t feel alone there in our addictions and sin and heartbreak, that we could walk in and be real. Most of us don’t care all that much about the music style and building aesthetics. We long for transparent relationships with people who are willing to enter our mess and point us to Jesus. This is how we most want the church to be relevant.”

The whole post is well worth a read – you can find it over at The Gospel Coalition site.

I’m thankful for the people God has placed around me- those of my generation and others, who long for those transparent, Jesus-focused relationships and work with me to build them. I’ve thankful for the reminder of how precious this is! This is my hope for life with my church family.

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