Transitions… Places

One of the features of life as a staff worker is travel.

From one country to another – My time with UCCF began with a pretty significant journey from Belarus back to Norwich. I’ve had the joy of going back to visit a few times since too.

From city to city – working with CUs in different universities has meant getting to know my way around Norwich, Cambridge, Ipswich and Colchester.

Journeying by different modes of transport – by bike, by train, on foot and by car!

And going further afield – I feel I can hardly finish my time on staff without tipping my hat to the Quinta, home to Forum, summer team orientation conferences and many memories of my student and Relay years.

Place is not insignificant – I’ve realised that the ‘spaces’ I’ve inhabited or travelled to have at times left me feeling isolated, unknown or far from people I care about, and at other times have brought me into deeper friendships with people, given me the opportunity to learn, to serve and to grow. I have benefitted from leaving the comfort of one place behind and venturing out to somewhere new, just as it’s been costly and tiring and not always what I would choose to do. Increasingly, as I look to the future, I’m excited about being in one place – rooted and known… at least for now!

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