My Life of Late

I’ve been neglecting my blog recently – but I am taking 10 minutes to scribble down some thoughts on what has been quite a momentous couple of weeks. I may come back and edit this later, but I didn’t want the time to pass without some sort of reminder to look back on!

I have finished four years of working for IMG_8024UCCF as a CU Staff Worker. This has been coming for such a long time, I can hardly believe the end has been and gone! My backlog of  ‘Transitions’ posts are still in draft form, but they may now never see the light of day… nonetheless, they’ve helped me think back over my time on staff, and that was at least one of my hopes in doing the series. I cannot adequately put into words how much the Lord has blessed me through the students, colleagues, supporters, churches and resources he has brought into my life through UCCF. I am thankful. I was chatting to a friend recently, and it struck me that actually, though I am sad to move on, finishing can be a remarkably fruitful thing to do, if done with thankfulness. It’s true, I will not be meeting CU members for one to one Bible study any more, nor will I be attending team days or conferences with other staff and Relay workers, and I won’t be delivering talks or Bible study training. But I have had the joy of doing those things, and through them learned more than I would ever have imagined. I don’t lose what I’ve learned, nor do I lose the memories! And I trust that what I remember and am thankful for can be a blessing in the new adventures that God’s got in store! Why is thankfulness important? I guess it’s like the ground in which new things grow – regret and bitterness don’t make for good fruit.

I have started a new job working at the university. Unlike finishing on staff, this has all happened relatively quickly! I’ve done five whole days of work in a new office, and I’m excited about getting to grips with the new responsibilities I have, and getting to know the new team I’m a part of. Being ‘new’ is a strange, slightly uncomfortable thing. I’ve noticed how much I’m tempted to try and please, rather than remember I’m free to serve, and I’ve also realised how much time it takes to belong somewhere! I am very thankful that I’ve not had the upheaval of moving city, house and church to contend with, as well as a new job.

Other things of note: three weddings in the past three weeks; catch ups with old friends and former colleagues via post! (THANK YOU!); holiday; trips to the pub with friends from church; homegrown vegetables in abundance (thanks to Dave, and Mum and Dad); ironing.


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