Thoughts on a Stress-Free Life


More often than I’d like, and more often than I’d like to admit, I’ve found myself feeling quite stressed over the past couple of months. So here are some imperfectly-formed but hopefully helpful thoughts on stress-free* living.

Remind yourself that you are only made to live one day at a time.

Trust some people. Tell them stuff that is worrying you, and let them help, if they can, or just listen if they can’t.

Stop doing some things. You probably know what you can/should stop, what causes you worry – it’s a good idea to admit you can’t do it all, and stop.

Get outside – especially when the sun is shining. Look at the sky, feel the ground beneath your feet, get into wide, open spaces and run around freely if you feel so inclined! Put yourself in context!

Make something – cook, get crafty, write.

Cry a bit, if you need to. With nose running, sobs, puffy eyes and all. Sometimes what’s going on inside just has to come out!

Plan to do something that will bring you joy – whether its chatting to a friend, watching your favourite film, going holiday or whatever!

Don’t just run away… [I know this feels like the easiest option, but I also know it doesn’t work]

Do something active – cycle, walk, play tennis, swim, rock climb, kayak, play football, join an aerobics class, go for a run.

Pray. There is a God who knows how out of control we are, and who has entered into our chaos and worry to lift us out of it. He helps when we ask.

*On second thoughts, I’ll settle for reduced stressed living!

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