Good News of Great Joy (a bit late!)

I’ve been meaning to share this since the beginning of December, but time has just run away with me… But in case, like me, you’ve been rushing through this advent season, promising yourself time to stop and reflect once Christmas is actually upon us, this is a resource that will do you good.

Good News of Great Joy by John Piper.

When I have grabbed 10 minutes of a morning to sit down with my coffee and drag my mind away from what’s ahead of me each day, I’ve found these advent reflections by John Piper to be quite like that moment in The Lord of the Rings when Frodo, having almost given up on his quest, finds himself lying on the mossy forest floor of Lothlorien. He temporarily finds refuge from the trial in front of him and strength to persevere.

I might not be in a quest to destroy the One Ring, but nonetheless I need those moments in life (every day!) where I see the world the way it really is. It’s essential to my survival that I am reminded of who has won the battle over sin and death for me, otherwise I would give up. I need to be told again and again that there is a God in heaven who delights to share with us his glorious Son and who has sent him into the world that we might know true peace, so that I struggle and work for that right things, and know with certainty that my mistakes are not held against me because Jesus has paid for them all.

Here’s some advice this Christmas season, from someone who’s left it quite late to catch on: Get caught up in the True Story- get close to Jesus.

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