Saying Goodbye

LasIMG_7220t night at my church small group, we began talking about returning home and reverse culture shock. Many in the group will, in the next few months, uproot themselves from the lives they’ve built here in Norwich and move – either back home, or to somewhere else that’s new and full of challenges. We wanted to give time and space to reflect on what that experience may be like, and to thank God for the good things He’s given that will soon be left behind.

It has made me think about saying goodbye, and the impact that the end of things has on us. That might not be moving to a different country. Along with the more obvious finality of bereavement, ‘smaller’ events like changing jobs, starting a new relationship – all of these things entail an ending of sorts, a type of goodbye. How do we deal with that well? What framework do we set these experiences in?

Just this morning I came across the following thought:

“Every loss, every goodbye, every fright, every moment of shame, is, to a degree, a traumatic experience in contrast to what we were meant to experience in Eden.”

from ‘The Spectrum of Trauma‘ by Dan Allender

Something to think over in the coming weeks…

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