‘To this wisp of smoke…’

Commenting on 1 Peter 1:3-5, Paul Blackham writes the following:

Life in this passing age is so fragile and fleeting. As the Scriptures say, our life is like smoke that quickly disappears. Whatever we achieve is soon forgotten. Who remembers their great grandparents? Who knows what they did, how they felt, what they said? The years race by with ever increasing pace and we cannot pause this headlong flight for even one moment. Our looks decay away; our flimsy reputation is forgotten; the next generation replaces us and even scorns us; our achievements and possessions end up in their hands. All our attempts to grasp into immortality our permanence only make matters worse.

Yet, to this wisp of smoke, the Living God offered His own life- an eternal life, a life of the ages, a life that stretches away into an everlasting future. If this mercy and grace doesn’t make us praise with every fibre of our being, then nothing ever will!

You can read more by getting hold of the excellent Book by Book study guides – available from the Biblical Frameworks website.

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