What’s Best Next

I’ve had a few conversations with people at church, at work and amongst friends recently about how many things there are to do in life, and how little time we have. If you’re feeling like that – swamped by deadlines, reading, catching up with friends, getting involved at church, trying to budget well, thinking about your future, remembering to eat, doing housework, getting your next Netflix fix, going food shopping, brushing your teeth…. then let me recommend this resource to you:

What’s Best Next – Be more effective in doing good work

It’s not an app, it won’t organise your life for you, it can’t halve the time it takes to do each of the above tasks. No gimicky, bold claims like that! But there’s wisdom to be found here. Invest 30 minutes in reading ‘Plan Noble Things’ or browse the articles for a topic that best suits your time pressures and be en-wisdomed (what is the word for that?!)

P.S. I’ve found it to be especially good for those of us who do any kind of administration – if you don’t think of your work as planning noble things, you really should visit the website!

P.P.S There’s also a book!


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