A Surprising Addiction

bannerI love Table Talk Radio.

Anyone who has listened to even one episode of this bizarre, persistently amateur yet strangely compelling radio show will know that it’s quite something to admit this publicly. But I am so hooked that I have lost all sense of social norms, and cannot help but confess that I laugh out loud in my empty house whilst listening to episodes.

Let me commend it to you. If you can see past the minor techincal flaws (background phone calls during recording are a semi-regular feature) and the somewhat niche jokes (I’ve learned when to laugh at mentions of ELCA / LCMS / WELS differences, despite never having stepped into a church of any of these denominations) it’s really quite good.

I’ll just re-iterate – I really do love Table Talk Radio!

Hosts Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller and Pastor Evan Goeglein test one another’s theological sharpness through a series of games and discussions. Yes – you read that correctly – it’s a theological radio gameshow. Specifically, a Lutheran theological gameshow. Probably the best one to be found on radio or podcast. Some of my favourite features include the Praise Song Cruncher, Name that Theologian, Which Ladder? and Bible Bee. Far from being stuffy / self-righteous / dry / boring / irrelevant / [insert your honest gut reaction here], this podcast is nourishing and thought-provoking and hilarious. Pastors Bryan and Evan speak, joke, quiz and question from the conviction that nothing is more capitvating, important, joyful or comforting than the good news of Jesus Christ. One of their explicit aims in the show is to cultivate discernment. I have been armed with good questions to ask of teaching I hear or songs I sing.

But I didn’t really mean this to become a review of the show. I just wanted to tell you enough to make you curious about it… go and listen! Persevere through the initial shock to the system, and you’ll be richly rewarded for your efforts!


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