10 Things Revisited

I’m selfishly deciding to use this post to record some things I want to remember. Here’s another list of ten things that I’m thankful for of late:

1. My church – people whom I love.

2. My new Camelback flask.

3. A meteor shower on a clear, cold night.

4. The Wingfeather Saga Readalong- a story to make you long to be brave and good in tough times. Join in here!

5. Bacon.

6. Bagels filled with bacon and smushed avocado. (Yes, that is the technical term.)

7. Table Talk Radio podcast – I’ve written about it before, but in my book, this theological gameshow is unrivaled!

8. All the works of Wendell Berry that I have read so far – most recently, the novel Hannah Coulter.

9. Sunsets.

View from my living room window.

10. The basil plant on my window sill. And leeks – adding them in here because they’re also wonderfully green.

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