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The Island (2006)

I watched a film called ‘The Island’ the other day – I saw it whilst I was abroad, without the benefit of subtitles, when my Russian was pretty negligible. Watching it again, with some helpful English subs thrown in, I’ve … Continue reading

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Dagmar Hochová

Taking a break from posts on my reading, I thought I’d share something else I’ve been enjoying of late! Dagmar Hochová (1926 – 2012) was a Czech photographer, working in the 1950s and 1960s. She travelled as far as Vietnam, … Continue reading

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Bon Iver

I’ve made a delightful discovery! Thinking Bon Iver could get no better, I happened to stumble across this B-side on Youtube, and used up nearly all my listens on Spotify having it on repeat. It’s mournful, wistful and heart-wrenchingly good … Continue reading

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A City of … – Ginger – Honey – Trdelnik – Quirky bookshops – Surprisingly good vegetarian restaurants – Hills – Red rooftops – Poover Man – IFES Interaction legends Jo Poon, Edwina & Nelleke (& Luke who I didn’t … Continue reading

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7 Billion

I can’t get my head around anything in particular to write just now, but here’s an interesting video – more thoughts to follow soon!

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Любимая Аленка!

I was browsing some links that I have amassed in my bookmarks, trying to find something I’d stored to read at a later date, when I stumbled upon the Creative Roots website again, and to my great joy and surprise … Continue reading

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We Are Not Okay

Talking about the work of self-titled ‘Christian artist’ Thomas Kinkade, who tried to capture an image of a world before the fall, in contrast to the more startling image of Holbein’s The Body of the Dead Christ in the Tomb, … Continue reading

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