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New Job, New Challenges!

I’m a couple of weeks into my new job, and learning a lot. I’m inspired by my colleagues’ passion for their work – and quite humbled by it, really. I’ve thought wrongly about work for most of my life, and … Continue reading

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7 Billion

I can’t get my head around anything in particular to write just now, but here’s an interesting video – more thoughts to follow soon!

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Being Seen for Who We Are

What do I want to say? I keep re-starting this post over and over again because I feel like I’ve got to come up with some sort of catchy, all-encompassing introduction, followed by some slick, clever writing that impresses people … Continue reading

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Finding Ourselves?

Last week I spent an afternoon with some fellow staff and Relay workers thinking about the issue of identity, with the helpful guidance of Graham Beynon. These jumbled thoughts are a mixed result of that day and some other reading … Continue reading

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Katniss, Consistency and Self-Sacrifice

I’m still pondering The Hunger Games and some of the big themes in the books, but as I was looking for inspiration about what to write and curious about what others thought of the series, I did the inevitable Google … Continue reading

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The Hunger Games

Over the past two weeks, my spare time has been eaten up by three very addictive books – all part of the Hunger Games trilogy. In dietary terms, they’re probably not that nourishing, but they do taste good! If you’ve … Continue reading

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