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10 things

1. Sunshine 2. The smell of the air in the morning 3. Tickets for a nice cinema that cost less than going to chain 4. Good, honest conversation with friends who are wise and kind 5. Functioning heating in my … Continue reading

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God is love

I came across this in Matthew Henry’s commentary on the Bible, in reference to 1 John 4:14-16. I’m going to quote the whole section because it’s well worth pondering on. The history of the Lord Christ is the history of … Continue reading

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Come See the Morning

I’ve been holding off sharing this because the video footage isn’t amazing, but having listened to it again a lot this weekend, and after having recommended it to a friend, I’ve decided I can’t wait- it must be shared with … Continue reading

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Nearness of Likeness & Nearness of Approach

Thought I’d share a very helpful and intriguing quote from C.S. Lewis that I have been thinking about in relation to the stuff in my previous post. It’s on the question of being image-bearers and yet cut off from the … Continue reading

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Bon Iver

I’ve made a delightful discovery! Thinking Bon Iver could get no better, I happened to stumble across this B-side on Youtube, and used up nearly all my listens on Spotify having it on repeat. It’s mournful, wistful and heart-wrenchingly good … Continue reading

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All that we have…

After the long post from last week, here’s something more succinct – and as such, you’ll no doubt guess, it doesn’t come from me! All the several graces and comforts we have, and the several promises whereby they are made … Continue reading

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Questions for you!

*Updated 11th December 2012* Some questions I’ve been considering, and might eventually get round to writing about as individual blog posts… Please share your thoughts and ideas – I’m in the mood for some discussion! What’s the difference between gratitude … Continue reading

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Being Seen for Who We Are

What do I want to say? I keep re-starting this post over and over again because I feel like I’ve got to come up with some sort of catchy, all-encompassing introduction, followed by some slick, clever writing that impresses people … Continue reading

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Thankful for…my Mum!

I’ve written before about things that I am thankful for, but this will be the first time I’ve written about my family on my blog. Which is odd, really, because they’re a pretty major part of my life! The past … Continue reading

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Katniss, Consistency and Self-Sacrifice

I’m still pondering The Hunger Games and some of the big themes in the books, but as I was looking for inspiration about what to write and curious about what others thought of the series, I did the inevitable Google … Continue reading

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