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Transitions… Places

One of the features of life as a staff worker is travel. From one country to another – My time with UCCF began with a pretty significant journey from Belarus back to Norwich. I’ve had the joy of going back … Continue reading

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Three Things

1. This is a nice picture I took of someone else’s dog. I just like it, so thought I’d share. 2. This is a real flower. Can you believe it?! I promise, it grew like that all by itself! If … Continue reading

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The Sun

Have you ever seen anything in your life more wonderful than the way the sun, every evening, relaxed and easy, floats toward the horizon and into the clouds or the hills, or the rumpled sea, and is gone— and how … Continue reading

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Easter Holiday

I love living in Norfolk. Sure, it’s stuck out on the far edge of nowhere, and it’s not had the best press, but where else in the country would you be able to enjoy all of this?

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Planting Trees

In the mating of trees, the pollen grain entering invisible the domed room of the winds, survives the ghost of the old forest that was here when we came. The ground invites it, and it will not be gone. I … Continue reading

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