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Tough Question…

This one’s prompted by an astonishing conversation with a friend – when I discovered not everyone thinks like this… Tell me I’m not alone? Anyone?

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Testing my Framework

I finished reading ‘Simply God’ about a week ago now, and have been taking some time to wander back through the pages and chew over what I’ve read. Originally I was going to blog my musings as I read, but … Continue reading

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Revisiting My Questions

They’ve not been forgotten. They’ve not been answered yet. My questions are still there – being refined and mulled over, informed by more reading and interesting conversations! One thing that I’ve been noticing, and this may seem glaringly obvious, is … Continue reading

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Apologetics, Evangelism, and the Trinity – My Questions

I’ve been storing up a heap of questions for a while now, and I think if I don’t start writing them down, I’m never going to make the time to think them through! This particular round of questions has been … Continue reading

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Questions for you!

*Updated 11th December 2012* Some questions I’ve been considering, and might eventually get round to writing about as individual blog posts… Please share your thoughts and ideas – I’m in the mood for some discussion! What’s the difference between gratitude … Continue reading

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Text a Toastie

Tonight I had fun with Anglia Ruskin CU as they ran an outreach event known as ‘Text a Toastie’. For those of you unfamiliar with the phone&food brand of evangelism, this basically amounts to asking people to text in a … Continue reading

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