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On Mozart & Creation

Karl Barth (1886-1968) was known to start each day listening to the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In writing about the influence and importance of the man’s music, particularly in light of the tragic historical events that loomed large in … Continue reading

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Luther on Genesis 5

​“This is the rule, that cross and affliction always precede comfort. God does not comfort any unless they are sad, just as He also does not give life to any unless they are dead and does not declare any righteous … Continue reading

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Děkuji – Karel Kryl

Karel Kryl was born in German-occupied Czechoslovakia in 1944 and spent much of his life living under communism. He became a vocal critic of the state, using his songs to decry the oppression and violence of the regime – which … Continue reading

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Perspective, Wisdom and Words

I read an article this week entitled ‘What if you’re 20s weren’t what you expected?’ It raises several interesting and persuasive points, but I’m choosing just to share one. Into the context of finding that life doesn’t work out the … Continue reading

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After Augustine

Sunshine let it be or frost, Storm or calm, as Thou shalt choose; Though Thine every gift were lost, Thee Thyself we could not lose. “After Augustine,” by Mary Elizabeth Coleridge (1861–1907)

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It’s a risky business writing about comfort and suffering, because the former is not something I can give, and the latter is not something I pretend to understand. But over the past few weeks these are some of the questions … Continue reading

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