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‘They tend to tell you rather than exemplify…’

To be a giant and keep quiet about it, To stay in one’s own place; To stand for the constant presence of process And always to seem the same; To be steady as a rock and always trembling, Having the … Continue reading

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Bonnie Scotland

Long walks, mountains, hills and streams like these always put me in mind of some literary travelling companions. I’ll leave the final word to one of them… The Road goes ever on and on Down from the door where it … Continue reading

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Josef Sudek – Trees and Photography

Josef Sudek was born in 1896 in what is now the Czech Republic. He took up photography after being wounded in the First World War, and managed to capture some beautiful scenes despite only having the use of one hand. … Continue reading

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adjective \tō-ˈti-pə-tənt, ˌtō-tə-ˈpō-tənt\ The Merriam-Webster Online dictionary defines ‘totipotent’ as… : capable of developing into a complete organism or differentiating into any of its cells or tissues <totipotent stem cells> Latin totus whole, entire + English -i- + potent being … Continue reading

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Ridiculously Good News

I’m feeling particularly joyful at the moment! And it’s an interesting thing… It makes me want to share. I just want to talk about happy things. Things that have made me smile today include: friends to share good stuff with. … Continue reading

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Norwich is not famous for extreme weather conditions, but this week we’ve been enjoying a surprising amount of snow…! I’m looking forward to more tomorrow. For those of you waiting for the impending, nation-wide meltdown we’ve been told to expect, … Continue reading

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Planting Trees

In the mating of trees, the pollen grain entering invisible the domed room of the winds, survives the ghost of the old forest that was here when we came. The ground invites it, and it will not be gone. I … Continue reading

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A Ramble in the Forest & Messing about on the River

Here’s how I spent my bank holiday weekend – thanks to Hannah, Nomi and Claire for good company! All credit goes to Nomi for the hilarious photos of me!

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Winter Walk

I went out into the cold Norfolk countryside yesterday for a walk with my friends and here are some of the photographs I took. I’m really enjoying all this cold, snowy weather – it’s reminding me of my time in … Continue reading

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Encounters with the Divine

Isn’t it funny how we expect to find traces of ‘supernatural’ or something spiritual in ‘holy places’? That’s why people make pilgrimages, set up memorials or shrines- to capture the presence or feeling of a supernatural encounter. And I don’t … Continue reading

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