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Bon Iver

I’ve made a delightful discovery! Thinking Bon Iver could get no better, I happened to stumble across this B-side on Youtube, and used up nearly all my listens on Spotify having it on repeat. It’s mournful, wistful and heart-wrenchingly good … Continue reading

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It is with the soul as with the body

This weekend I’ve been feeling unwell. Under the weather. Poorly. Whatever you call it, it’s not fun. I’ve felt weary but dissatisfied with sleep, wiped out and yet restless. I’ve wanted entertaining, but not company, I’ve lost the taste for … Continue reading

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Ridiculously Good News

I’m feeling particularly joyful at the moment! And it’s an interesting thing… It makes me want to share. I just want to talk about happy things. Things that have made me smile today include: friends to share good stuff with. … Continue reading

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Norwich is not famous for extreme weather conditions, but this week we’ve been enjoying a surprising amount of snow…! I’m looking forward to more tomorrow. For those of you waiting for the impending, nation-wide meltdown we’ve been told to expect, … Continue reading

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A City of … – Ginger – Honey – Trdelnik – Quirky bookshops – Surprisingly good vegetarian restaurants – Hills – Red rooftops – Poover Man – IFES Interaction legends Jo Poon, Edwina & Nelleke (& Luke who I didn’t … Continue reading

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